Animal Welfare in Savannah
Animal Welfare in Savannah

If you are interested in adopting a pet, obtaining a low cost spay or neuter, or need help with your pet; please contact one of the many animal welfare agencies serving the greater Savannah area:

Save-A-Life at (912) 598-7729

Pet Assistance League of Savannah at (912) 925-PALS

Pets Are Worth Saving at (912) 772-6032

Bryan County Animal Caregivers at (912 727-2694

Second Chance for Animals at (912) 748-6097

Visit the onsite pet adoption program at Petsmart every Saturday and Sunday throughout both days!

Save The Dogs From The Chill Project is an organization that is trying to save shelter dogs from the freezing cold each year by taking in used sweaters and then recycling them into doggy sweaters for all the dogs stuck outside the shelters during the cold seasons.  Please help spread the word about this cause!  The group is reaching out to dog lovers who would like to donate old sweaters to the cause and also to shelters who may be in need of these sweaters for their animals.   

Please visit their website at  

You have no idea how much your support means to these dogs. Due to over population in many dog shelters around the country, thousands of dogs are forced to sleep outside the shelters in a damp and cold environment and some even die.

P.S. They will be taking sweater donations through next year to prepare for the following winter as well. Anything you can do to help is appreciated.

Please help control the pet over population problem by spaying or neutering your pet!


So many pets desperately need loving homes of their own! We ask that you support pet adoptions!


One caring individual can make a difference!